The Masquerade

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The Masquerade
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 4 (A)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate July 24, 1992
Writer(s) Marv Wolfman and Noel Wolfman
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The Tea Party Out of Luck

"The Masquerade" is the seventh episode on the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with "Out of Luck". It was written by Marv & Noel Wolfman.


At the schoolhouse, Miss Hackney hands out the results of the recent test, which amazingly the entire class scored very well on. Because of this, the school has decided to reward its pupils with a small party, for which they are required to dress up as whatever they want to be when they've grown up. After school, Starlight invites her friends for an ice cream soda, but Bon Bon declines, stating she promised to be home early. Her friends are surprised that Bon Bon of all people skips out on sweets, but don't think much of it.

At home, Bon Bon quickly escapes to her room. The reason she didn't want to stay is that she is worried about the party, as her dream career is that of fashion model. However, she is certain that if her friends knew about it or see her dressed up as if she was beautiful, they'd only laugh at her. As her mother walks in, Bon Bon asks if she doesn't have to go to the party and explains why she is in tears. Her mother comforts her, arguing that she is beautiful and that her friends won't laugh at her. This encourages Bon Bon to go.

The party is in full swing when Bon Bon and her mother finally arrive, as they've been baking cookies to bring along. Patch draws the most attention with her comedic acts, bringing evertyone to laugh. It's right during one of these acts that Bon Bon joins the party. Overwhelmed by the sound of laughter and "mocking" remarks, Bon Bon thinks she's being laughed at after all and runs off in panic. Outside, she passes by Teddy, who is confused by her behavior, but doesn't stop her.

At the party, Bon Bon's mother has started looking for her daughter and becomes increasingly worried when her friends all say they haven't seen her yet that evening. Asking people left and right if they've seen her, Teddy approaches with the information he saw Bon Bon run off to the forest. Starlight wonders why Bon Bon would go there and Bon Bon's mother explains how Bon Bon was terrified of being laughed at for her dream of becoming a fashion model. Lancer rallies everyone to look for Bon Bon, while the camera man suggests they take his van.

The group finds Bon Bon near a cliffside and urges her to be careful. Bon Bon rebukes they laughed at her, which the group explains was not the case. The camera man even has the proof taped and shows it to Bon Bon. Bon Bon admits she now feels silly, but agrees to go back with them. But as she turns, the ground under her hooves gives way and Bon Bon ends up dangling from the cliffside. Lancer and Starlight rush up to her and manage to secure her with the rope of Lancer's explorer costume before she falls. Soon, Bon Bon is safe again in her mother's embrace and surrounded by friends. Upon Patch's suggestion to return to the party, Bon Bon responds with enthusiasm - knowing now that her dream career isn't silly at all, she can't wait to show off her costume.

And indeed, back at the party, Bon Bon gets nothing but compliments on her appearance. Finally at ease, she shares a dance with Lancer.



Hackney: "And yes, Patch, even you will one day grow up."
Patch: "And when I do, I'm gonna be.. a circus clown!"
Hackney: "Huh, why aren't I surprised?"


The Best Dream

Melody longs to be a rock star
She's dreamed about it since I can recall
That's okay for Melody if that's what she would like to be
But mine is the best dream of all

Starlight has plans to be a teacher
And Patch would like to be a circus clown
Bright Eyes's dream is excellent to help save our environment
But mine is the best dream hands down

I want to be a model
Wearing everything from fancy gowns to jeans
I want to be a model - a fabulous model
Like in all the fashion magazines

All my friends have their special daydreams
But their dreams will not suit my fantasy
Yes, they may be quite worthwhile
Sorry, they're just not my style
Mine is the best dream for me

Mine is the best dream for me


Animation errors

  • Initially during the first scene, Bright Eyes sits in front of Melody and Starlight in front of Bon Bon. When Hackney elaborates on the marks, Bright Eyes suddenly sits in front of Bon Bon.
  • The ponies that leave the party to go search for Bon Bon are not the ponies that actually are looking for her later.
  • There's a piece of fence in front of Starlight and Lancer when they talk to Bon Bon that disappears whenever the camera is zoomed out.
  • When Patch says: "I said I was the silliest pony at the party," her front right leg is without bracelet.
  • Bon bon doesn’t arrive with the girls to the ice cream shop then vanishes from behind Bright eyes on the close up.

Story errors

  • When Bon Bon arrives at the schoolhouse, she's holding a plate of cookies. When she enters the party, the cookies and plate are gone.
  • How did seven ponies and one large TV set fit inside that van?


  • During her fashion model daydream, Bon Bon occasionally imagines herself with breasts.
  • Half Note is absent from the Rockin' Beats performance.
  • "The Masquerade" has been released on DVD in Australia by MRA Entertainment on October 12, 2005, and in the UK by Metrodome on August 16, 2004.

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