The Tea Party

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The Tea Party
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 3 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
This episode is the only one to feature the Berrytown Family.
Original Airdate July 17, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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Stand by Me The Masquerade

"The Tea Party" is the sixth episode on the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with "Stand by Me". It was written by George Arthur Bloom.


The friends gather at their secret club house, an abandoned building in their neighborhood, where they hold their tea parties. Starlight announces the day's topic: whether or not they should allow boys into their club. Most of the friends are vehemently against, but Starlight, Bright Eyes and Sweetheart argue they'd be prejudiced if they'd judge others on their gender. Bright Eyes suggests that they could look for boys and judge them on their actions, then vote during the next tea party whether they are allowed to join in or not. The girls agree with this procedure.

The next day, Bright Eyes and Patch walk by the club house when they see two unknown ponies take away their furniture. Convinced they're robbers, the two girls hide and overhear the thieves intent to return for the remaining furniture. Bright Eyes and Patch warn the others. Starlight is convinced they're dealing with a big gang, who will rob the entire neightborhood if they don't stop them now. The other girls agree and togehter they set up a number of traps for the robbers. They sabotage the front door's handle, prepare a bag of flour to be spilled onto the robbers when they get through the front door, smear honey on the stairs and floor, manufacture jelly ammunition and hang up scary pictures.

The robbers return in the evening, this time bringing their son along. The girls open attack and keep going until the robbers call defeat. After everyone has gathered, one of the robbers speaks up, introducing him and his family as the Barringtons, who have bought the house and plan to move in next week. Their intent was to clean up the house beforehand. The girls, realizing they made a mistake, explainthey thought they were dealing with robbers and that they've been using the building as their clubhouse for some time. The Barringtons take it well, complimenting the girls for their bravery. Starlight steps forth to apologize and offers that they help the Barringtons fix up the house.

The offer is accepted and in the next few days, the girls work hard to fix up the house as well as they can. Meanwhile, they also become good friends with Logan, the Barringtons' son. By the end of the week, the house looks beautiful and Mrs Barrington takes a photo of the girls in front of the house. Sweetheart asks if the Barringtons' baby can be in the picture too, which leads to Sweetheart becoming her babysitter. Next, Logan and Mrs Barrington invite the girls to the backyard, where Mr Barrington reveals a brand new, shed-sized clubhouse for the girls to hold their tea parties at. They are overjoyed. Logan asks if he can join, which the girls, after a vote, answer positively.



Boys! Boys! Boys!

Boys! Boys! Boys!
What do we want with boys?
One's a bully, one's a brute
But some I think are awfully cute

Boys! Boys! Boys!
Most of them make such noise
Ugly grunts and nasty snores
Some write lovely book reports
But they play so rough and tough at sports
But at a dance, they're good escorts

Boys! Boys! Boys!
Boys! Boys! Boys!

Some of them are helpful
Some of them are mean
Some are sharing
Even caring
But find me one that's neat and clean

Boys! Boys! Boys!
None of us girls enjoys!
The way they push and tease and shout
Though some are nice to have about
And some smell bad as sauerkraut
We can't live with or live without

Boys! Boys! Boys!
Boys! Boys! Boys!


Animation errors

  • "I'm really, truly sorry, Bon Bon" is animated as coming from Bon Bon's mouth rather than Sweetheart's.
  • The "honey" the girls smear the stairs with is greyish white.
  • When Daddy Berrytown presents the girls with their new clubhouse, his cell is misaligned, resulting in his hoof going over a porch post where it should go behind.
  • Bon bon doesn’t have her bag on as she runs through the door at the start.
  • You can see a dark pink pony tying up the bag in front of the door then it zooms out to the light pink Starlight.
  • The ponies at the bottom of the stairs when Patch says “you give up?” aren’t covered in jam and have switched places.
  • While Logon is asking for scones Starlight isn’t sitting next to him it’s Clover instead.

Story errors

  • Mummy Berrytown refers to her daughter as "Posey". A second later, Sweetheart calls her "Cherry".


  • The Barringtons were released in Year Ten of the toyline as part of the Family Friends and Family Baby Ponies set, but by a different name. The toyline calls them the Berrytowns, and the number of family members is three rather than four. Logan was created specifically for the My Little Pony Tales cartoon, a trait he shares with the other "Year Ten" family eldest children Moki Sunbright and Corny Meadowsweet.
  • "The Tea Party" has been released on DVD in Australia by MRA Entertainment on October 12, 2005, and in the UK by Metrodome on August 16, 2004.

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