Just For Kicks

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Just For Kicks
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 12 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate September 18, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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Bon Bon's Diary Ponies in Paradise

"Just for Kicks" is the 24th episode on the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with "Bon Bon's Diary". It was written by George Arthur Bloom.


At the end of an aerobics session, attended by all friends but Melody, the girls hang out at the nearby diner for a few shakes. Ace walks in in search of Patch, who needs to come for soccer practice. Starlight, who likes Ace, uses the opportunity to congratulate Ace for being promoted to soccer team captain, but Ace only reacts with arrogance. Melody finally joins the group, explaining that her training session with the Rockin' Beats took longer than expected. Ace, who has a crush on Melody, immediately tries to flirt with her at Starlight's expense, but fails to impress. Ace and Patch leave for soccer practice, leaving Starlight's other friends to try to comfort her over her unrequited love. Starlight wonders if perhaps she should do something with her looks or attitude to finally catch Ace's attention.

Starlight tries looks first, dressing up and attending the soccer practice. Ace doesn't pay a moment's attention to her, not even when he is given some time to practice alone. Right as Ace prepares for another kick, Melody passess by, which distracts Ace and makes him shoot into the wrong direction. The ball ends up in a muddy pool next to Starlight, who becomes soaked. Ace merely laughs at her.

Still not dispirited, Starlight goes to Miss Hackney to ask for advice. Miss Hackney suggests that starlight tries out for the soccer team so she can share a common interest with Ace. Starlight fears she's not good at it, but Hackney assures her it's not about her skill, but getting to spend time with Ace.

Starlight gets tested for her soccer qualities and finds out she has a talent for it. She gets praise from the entire team but Ace, who actually develops a mild jealousy towards her. All goes well until the final test, in which Starlight has to get a ball past Ace. Nervous about her own ability and the consequences of one-upping Ace, Starlight tries but fails, ending up in the goal herself. Ace again shows no concern, causing Starlight to run off crying.

At the riverside, Patch catches up with Starlight to tell her the coach wants her on the team anyway because he noticed her nervosity towards Ace. Starlight is happy, but curious if Ace said anything after she left. Patch answers Ace doesn't matter, as there will be a big game tomorrow they can both participate in.

The next day, the score is 03-03 when one of the older players gets injured. With only thrity seconds left, the coach tells Starlight to jump in for her. Ace argues that Starlight is too inexperienced, but the coach is convinced Starlight will do well. Behind his back, but with hearing range of Starlight, Ace tells Patch to get him the ball as Starlight can't be counted on. However, the other team has a similar idea about Starlight and minimalize on keeping the ball from her so they can concentrate on Ace. At five seconds to go, Patch passes the ball on to Starlight, who hesitates, but makes the winning goal just in time. Everyone runs up to congratulate her, except Ace, who is angry for being upstaged by a novice.

Later, Starlight voices her disappointment at the ice cream shop to Patch and Bon Bon. Surprisingly, Ace walks in, and Patch quickly pulls along Bon Bon to another part of the shop to give Ace the privacy he needs to talk to Starlight. Ace compliments Starlight's performance during the game and apologizes for his behavior. The two strike up some small talk about soccer, with Ace inviting Starlight to come train with just him next Saturday.



Sweetheart: "You really, truly, honestly like Ace, don't you, Starlight?"
Starlight: "Uhuh, only Ace likes Melody."
Bon Bon: "But Melody doesn't like Ace."
Bright Eyes: "If you ask me, I think Ace likes Ace better than anyone."

Soccer coach: "Okay now, Starlight, dribble around Ace and you are on the team."
Starlight: "Around Ace? But he's - he's..."
Ace: "The greatest!"
Starlight: "Uhuh."


Perfect Pair

Maybe a new hairdo, something with a braid
Add to that a ribbon of a brilliant shade
When he sees me dressed up, that boy will stop and stare
He'll realize we make a perfect pair

Going for a picnic, skating on a lake
I can see in my mind's eye
The outings we would take

Give me a bandana, one he can't ignore
Bracelets are to make him like me even more
If I change completely, he'll become aware
That she and he - oh, I mean: me and he, we make a perfect pair

We make a perfect pair


Tried out for the team and it was gruesome
It's plain to see that you and me are not the perfect twosome

All that I had wished for now has gone to ruin
Every hope and daydream burst like a balloon
High time that I faced it, I don't have prayer
That boy and I must say goodbye
We're not a perfect pair


Animation errors

  • Ace downs Starlight's drink before handing her back the glass. A shot later, and her glass is suddenly full again.
  • Whenever Starlight looks in a mirror, her reflection is either white or much paler than she is.
  • When waving at Starlight to congratulate her on the winning goal, Hackney's symbol is a mirror version of its usual appearance.


  • Just getting splashed with muddy water unties Starlight's hair and makes her ribbon disappear?
  • Ace's remark about Starlight being "not bad for a girl" is odd considering at least some of the other members of the soccer team are girls, and he sure doesn't seem to judge them on their gender.


  • "Just for Kicks" has been released on DVD in Australia by MRA Entertainment on October 12, 2005, and in the UK by Metrodome on August 16, 2004.

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