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Spike is a Generation 3 dragon and is a character in both The Princess Promenade and The Runaway Rainbow.

Media Appearances

G3 Spike
Costumed-character Spike

Spike was initially found by Wysteria and Pinkie Pie in a cave under Ponyville Castle. Waking from a 1000 year slumber, he decreed that Wysteria was the new princess of Ponyville due to touching the mystical flower and set about implementing a number of rules and restrictions for her. She eventually used her new position to both change the rules of what a princess could do and coronated the entire town. Later, Spike served as a guide for Rainbow Dash and Princess Rarity as they searched to find Unicornia to return the lost princess home.

While stuffy and rules oriented to a fault when first discovered, Spike is shown to genuinely care about his new-found friends. Despite this, he takes pride in startling ponies when he first meets them. Spike knows a lot about the surrounding areas and ancient customs but tends to be somewhat forgetful. Unlike his G1 and G4 incarnations, he's never shown to have the ability to breathe fire.

Spike also appears as the host and resident DJ in My Little Pony Live: World's Biggest Tea Party, leading the audience through the story and encouraging them to sing along with his pitch pipe.

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