Hide & Seek

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Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek, Scandinavian version

Hide & Seek or Hide and Seek is a memory based game manufactured by MB. The game is played by trying to remember which tiles has changed, guessing first and scoring points in form of tokens. It was released in 2005.

Game Rules

Players get 1 minute to look at the scene. They then have to look away while you turn 3 picture cards. The playes are asked what has changed. The first one to answer correctly gets a token. The first player to get 4 tokens wins. Younger players are encouraged to play with fewer people and to describe cards. To play the game you need 4 of each tile.

Game Pieces

  • Instruction Booklet

Pony Tokens

  • 20 Pony Tokens

The following ponies do not have any tokens:

Double-Sided Picture Tiles

  • 24 Double-Sided Picture Tiles


  • 6 pieces

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