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Baby Bibsy (Babies)

Baby Bibsy is a purple kitten with yellow hair. She came with a cradle.

Worth 1 US Paw Point & 2 International Paw Points.

U.S.:Baby Bibsy
International: Bibsy
Canada: Chaton Bibsie
Large Accessory Names
Quebec French:

Toy Variants

U.S. Baby Bibsy

Baby Bibsy's Symbol
Baby Bibsy's Underside w/ Copyright
Baby Bibsy's Neck w/ Copyright
Baby Bibsy's MIP
Baby Bibsy's MIP Backcard

Baby Bibsy Stats

  • Pose: Sitting
  • Body Colour: Purple
  • Hair Colour: Yellow with Tinsel in Bangs
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Yellow Baby Bib w/ Duck


Backcard Story

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the backcards, including all errors.

Baby Bibsy was rocking in her cradle. "Mew, mew!" she cried. "I'm so thirsty!" In the corner was a bowl of creamy milk. She scampered out of her cradle and quickly lapped up the milk. The other Baby Kitties laughed when they saw Baby Bibsy. "You've got milk all over your face, and in your hair!" they cried. Baby Bibsy smiled and licked her paws. "I know it," she purred. And from that day on she had cream-colored hair!

International Baby Bibsy (Bibsy, Chaton Bibsie)

Bibsy's MIP
Bibsy's MIP Backcard
Chaton Bibsie's MIP
Chaton Bibsie's MIP Backcard

The international version of Baby Bibsy is called Bibsy & the Canadian version is called Chaton Bibsie. The only difference between the U.S. & International version is in the packaging & names. The Canadian packaging is similar to but differs from the International - Quebec French & English are the only languages on the packaging and the names are closer to the U.S. version.

Catalog Appearances

Baby Bibsy appeared in the 1991 Mattel Catalog (page 87)[2], Mattel 1991 Holiday Toy Guide[3], and the 1991 Repro Art Book[4].

In the Mattel Girls Toys 1991 Repro Art Book, Baby Bibsy, a kitten, is mistakenly referred to as Baby "Bitsy Puppy" even though the drawing is clearly a kitten(page 37). It was probably name confusion with Bitsy Bouquet.

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