Mattel 1991 Pre-Toy Fair Sell Sheets

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Mattel 1991 Pre-Toy Fair Sell Sheets Cover
Mattel 1991 Pre-Toy Fair Sell Sheets Back

Pre-Toy Fair Sell Sheets are usually sent in loose packets and are made to fit into 3-ring binders and as such have 3 holes on one side of each sheet. The Sell Sheets represent "current planning" which means that these are the toys Mattel planned to distribute to dealers but they reserved the right to change their toy designs if they felt it necessary. Images shown in these sheets sometimes made it into catalogs but were mostly used to gain dealer interest. [1]

Line drawings of some figures (Melody, Purple Paws, Snow Curl w/ Playset, Cherry Belle, and Happy Heather) from these pages were created and used in the 1991 Repro Art Book.

The Perm 'N Play sheet made it into the Mattel 1991 Girls Toys Catalog.

Note Dates shown on Sell Sheets will be copyrighted for the year before they were released. The cover sheet for the Sell Sheets will say 1991 while the individual toy pages are dated 1990. The same is true for the other Mattel catalogs. This is because toys released in any one year had to be created (and photographed) the year before to make it to retail stores for the appropriate year.



  1. This is technically unconfirmed as I haven't found this packet whole and untouched but through research this is my conclusion. - Telelle