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Snow Curl w/ Styled Hair

Snow Curl came with the Perm 'N Play Set. [1] The kitty in this playset has a couple unique features: Bright Purple eyes & Eye Shadow, Hot Pink nose & mouth, and her "magical" curlable hair.

Similar to Mattel's "Quick Curl" Barbies this kitty also had very fine metal fibers in her hair (imagine plastic coated incredibly thin wire). This enabled her hair to be styled without the need to use heat or other typical methods of curling doll hair (water, curlers, and drying time). Metal fiber doll hair comes with the drawback of the possibility of over-manipulation resulting in breakage and/or the hair refusing to curl.

Just like Carla, her name, Snow Curl, is unproven until packaging or some other documentation is found. There is no mention of the name, Snow Curl, in any Dealer Catalogs or Retail Catalogs & the origin of the first mention of the name in unknown.

Toy Variants

U.S. Snow Curl and The Perm 'N Play Playset

Snow Curl's Symbol
Snow Curl's Underside w/ Copyright
Snow Curl's Neck w/ Copyright
Snow Curl's Metal Fiber Hair
Snow Curl, came with The Perm 'N Play playset
The Perm 'N Play playset
Perm 'N Play MIP Front
Perm 'N Play MIP Back

Snow Curl Stats

  • Pose: Sitting
  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Bright Purple
  • Nose & Mouth Color: Hot Pink
  • Symbol: Blue Lock of Hair with Bow


The Perm 'N Play

Backcard Story

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the backcards, including all errors.

International Snow Curl and The Perm 'N Play Playset

It is currently unknown if there is an international version of The Perm 'N Play.

Catalog Appearances

Snow Curl & The Perm 'N Play appeared in the 1991 Mattel Catalog (pages 90, 91, back-page)[2], in the Mattel Girls Toys 1991 Repro Art Book[3], and Mattel's 1991 Pre-Toy Fair Sell Sheets[4]. The image in the Pre-Toy Fair Sell Sheet is almost the same as the one used in the 1991 Mattel Catalog - the girl's positioning is slightly different. The image in the Repro Art Book was traced from the photo in the Pre-Toy Fair Sell Sheets.

Mattel 1991 Catalog Blurb

Little Pretty Perm 'N Play Set

NEW! A carry-along case and Little Pretty beauty shop in one! For hours of fun transforming play! Doors, awning, and side walls become styling vanity, sink basin, and dressing screen. Includes a swiveling beauty chair and lots of fun beauty accessories, too. There's even a special kitty with "magical" curlable hair with her own special curling iron. Unassembled. For use with all Little Pretty pets. (not included). For ages 3 years and over. 10-1/2"H x 14"W x 3-1/16"D Closed box with window inset.

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