Sand Shaper

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Sand Shaper and his paintbrush
Sand Shaper flying with a pair of wings he drew

Sand Shaper is an elf who lives in Ponyland in the G1 comic books.

Sand Shaper likes to draw pictures in soft, wet sand and he has the ability to "bring them to life" by touching them with his paintbrush. A picture becomes a three-dimensional, real object after it is brought to life. Sand Shaper can make both inanimate objects (like a carriage or a wall) or living things, like a mermaid or a rabbit.

The first pony Sand Shaper met was Peachy. He accidentally frightened her by drawing a humongous heart that chased her down the beach, but after he saved her from drowning the two soon became good friends.


  • In "My Little Pony" #22, Sand Shaper meets Peachy for the first time. [1]


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