Seven Songs and a Story

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Lyrics to Side A of the record
Lyrics to Side B of the record

"Seven Songs and a Story" is the name given to describe either the Picture Disc (33rpm vinyl record) or Cassette released via mail order in the UK.

As the name suggests it featured seven* songs with a story that linked them. The first song introduced the ponies involved, Posey, Tootsie, Cherries Jubilee, Bow Tie, Applejack and Lickety Split, then each pony had a song of their own.

My Little Pony Songsheet

Side A:

  • My Little Ponies' Song
  • Applejack's Song
  • Bow Tie's Song
  • Lickety Split's Song

Side B:

  • Posey's Song
  • Cherries Jubilee's Song
  • Tootsie's Song
  • My Little Ponies (Reprise)

Applejack's Song (sometimes called "Who's A Silly Pony") with fan made videos:

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