The Return of Tambelon

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The Return of Tambelon
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 26-29
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) October 20-23, 1986
Writer(s) Michael Reaves
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Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt Little Piece of Magic
Megan, Molly, and Danny

"The Return of Tambelon

It was a warm sunny day and the Ponies were playing Hide and Seek in the woods. Baby Ribbon could not find anywhere to hide so in a panic she "winked out", she did this several times and then did not return. Soon after many of the Ponies were "winking out" and inexplicably not returning. It was getting dark so the other Ponies ran to Megan to ask for help. Megan's dream gives her the clue...Tambelon! Tambelon, the medieval city has returned for the realms of darkness under the leadership of the powerful Grogar. If the Ponies do not stop Grogar by midnight he will rule Ponyland forever."




The Return of Tambelon

Running time 56 minutes approx

Tempo Video - Childrens Stories

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