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Zelda and her cages

Zelda is a witch who tries to kidnap the ponies in the G1 comic books. She was the villain in a multi-part story that stretched across several issues of the My Little Pony comic.

Zelda snuck a magic painting into the throne room while Majesty was away. She lured the baby ponies and Applejack into the picture and locked them in cages inside her cottage. Majesty returned in time to help and advise the rescue party, composed of Firefly, Confetti, Gusty, and Bow Tie. With the help of the little ponies' magic and talents, they freed Applejack and the babies and escaped back to the throne room.

Zelda raced out of her cottage and chased after them, but just as she was about to leap out of the painting, Majesty swiped a paintbrush over her, painting over her and eliminating her forever.


  • Zelda appears in one multi-part story ("The Mysterious Picture"). [1] [2] [3]

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