35th Anniversary

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For the 35th anniversary of My Little Pony, Hasbro licensed out the rights to the G1 characters to Basic Fun, who created reissues of Generation 1 ponies. For releases past 2018, all boxes simply say "Classic".


Collector Ponies

The first set released were reissues of the year 1 ponies, the Collector Ponies. The ponies all have curved feet and come with a bow sewn into the tail, a comb, and a poster. There are two box styles; one with a window on the left edge and one without.


Scented Rainbow Ponies

The reissues of the Rainbow Ponies were all scented, leading to some discoloration issues. Each pony comes with a sewn in bow, a rainbow brush, a comb, and a puffy sticker.

Pretty Parlor

The reissue of the pretty parlor lacked a few accessories from the original release, such as the blanket. The parlor came with Peachy and Twinkles the cat.

Unicorns and Pegasi

The unicorns and pegasi from year 2 were re-released. Each pony comes with a sewn in bow and a rainbow brush.


Unscented Rainbow Ponies

A re-release of the 2018 set, this time without scents. Each pony comes with a sewn in bow, a rainbow brush, a comb, and a puffy sticker.

Earth Ponies

The earth ponies from year 2 each came with a sewn in bow and a flower brush.

2nd Set Rainbow Ponies

The second set of rainbow ponies each come with a sewn in bow.

Fash'ems Series 1

The six collectors ponies are being released as Fash'ems. The surprise character is Cotton Candy.


Twinkle-Eyed Ponies


Four Twinkle-Eyed Ponies were released in August 2021, and come with ribbons, stickers, and brushes.