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=== Glitter & Glow ===
=== Glitter & Glow ===
[[File:Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg|thumb]]
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=== Canterlot & Seaquestria ===
*Walmart Exclusive
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[[File:Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg|thumb]]
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Princess Celestia is a G4 Pegasus Unicorn Pony. She is a major character in the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and has been heavily featured in merchandise. Most earlier toys portrayed her as a shade of pink. After the introduction of Princess Cadance, most toys began using a more show accurate white.

Media Appearances

Animated Princess Celestia

Animated Pony Stats

  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Pink, Green and Blue
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Sun

The book, Journal of the Two Sisters, states that Celestia was born as an Alicorn. She and her sister Luna would be asked by the Unicorn Starswirl the Bearded to rule the newly formed kingdom of Equestria, as Alicorns had traits of all three kinds of ponies. Though she initially had no cutie mark, (due to Alicorns aging differently), she would earn her cutie mark after taking over the responsibility of raising and lowering the sun each day. She and Luna were instrumental in overthrowing Discord and are stated to have ensured peace and harmony in the kingdom. One thousand years before the show's setting, Luna transformed into Nightmare Moon due to her jealousy of Celestia; Celestia was forced to imprison Luna in the moon. Afterwards, Celestia took responsibility for lowering the moon and was Equestria's sole ruler.

In modern times, Celestia not only was ruler of Equestria but would also mentor promising young ponies. Though one of her students, Sunset Shimmer would prove unwilling to learn, Celestia would later become Twilight Sparkle's teacher, helping Twilight refine her magical abilities. At the beginning of the series, she tasks Twilight with studying friendship, and often appears while corresponding with Twilight Sparkle about her studies. Thanks to Twilight, Celestia would be able to rekindle her relationship with Luna when Twilight and her friends purified Nightmare Moon using the Elements of Harmony. Princess Cadance is Celestia's adopted niece.

Princess Celestia is voiced by Nicole Oliver.

FIM Episodes


Year One (2010)

Friendship Is Magic Boxed Set

Boxed Set
Prototype image of the comb-able hair version
Gift Set Release

Princess Celestia first appeared in a boxed set with Twilight Sparkle, Spike the Dragon, Pinkie Pie and Applejack. These characters had molded hair.

Princess Celestia is the first winged unicorn to appear in the My little Pony Line besides the G2 unicorns with clip on wings.

Set includes PRINCESS CELESTIA, TWILIGHT SPARKLE, SPIKE THE DRAGON, PINKIE PIE and APPLEJACK figures, crown accessory and a storybook.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Princess Celestia Pose
  • Body Colour:Pink
  • Hair Colour:Pink, Purple and Blue
  • Eye Colour:Purple
  • Symbol: Sun
  • Hoof Heart:


Box Set Backcard Story

Join PRINCESS CELESTIA, along with TWILIGHT SPARKLE, SPIKE THE DRAGON, APPLEJACK and PINKIE PIE as they discover the magic of friendship together!

They Say the more the merrier and this fun gift set proves that it's true: you get five fabulous friends in one! Featuring your favorite characters from the FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC television show, you've got all kids of 'magical' adventures ahead of you. Act out fun scenes from the show or creat new ones with your PRINCESS CELESTIA, TWILIGHT SPARKLE, SPIKE THE DRAGON, PINKIE PIE and APPLEJACK figures and then set up your friends next to you while you look through their storybook. Friends love to play together and they love to “read” together, too!

Princess Celestia


Regal, electronic My Little Pony Princess Celestia Figure talks and features wings that light up and move! Pony figure comes with crown, necklace, 4 barrettes and comb. PRINCESS CELESTIA is a magical and beautiful pony who rules the kingdom of EQUESTRIA. All of the ponies in PONYVILLE® look up to her. Help your PRINCESS CELESTIA pony figure rule her kingdom! This beautiful, electronic pony figure has all kinds of things to say to you, like 'I will light the way!' and 'Lets fly to the castle!' When you two are ready to 'soar,' press the button to make her wings light up and move. Comb your princess friends pretty purple and pink ringlets and put in her barrettes to help her majesty always look her best and rule with justice and beauty! Pony figure comes with crown, necklace, 4 barrettes and comb.

Year Two (2011)

McDonalds Happy Meal


Princess Celestia and Princess Luna



Came with:

Stock photo

Stock photo

Your PRINCESS LUNA and PRINCESS CELESTIA pony figures need you to style their hair and put on their tiaras for fancy adventures! Comb their hair and style it with the included barrette. Pony figures come with cape, barrette, 2 tiaras and comb. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Ages 3 and up. Royal sisters Princess Celestia and Princess Luna work together to rule over Equestria peacefully!

"Backcard Story"


CANTERLOT is the royal city in EQUESTRIA and home to PRINCESS CELESTIA. The princess lives in a magical castle. Every pony dreams of visiting CANTERLOT!

Royal sisters PRINCESS CELESTIA and PRINCESS LUNA work together to rule over EQUESTRIA peacefully!

Fashion Style Princess Celestia and Princess Luna


Princess Celestia came as a Fashion Style pony with her sister Princess Luna in the Fashion Style Princess Luna and Princess Celestia Set in the Canterlot line from Target.

Royal Castle Friends

Royal Castle Friends Stock Photo

"Backcard Story"


PRINCESS CELESTIA invites TWILIGHT SPARKLE and SPIKE THE DRAGON to the royal castle to give them an important job to do! Their missionis to learn all about the magic of friendship with the ponies of PONYVILLE!

Year Three (2012)

Collector Series Princess Celestia

White Talking Celestia.jpg
White Talking Celestia Acc.jpg
White Talking Celestia MIB.jpg
stock photo
Talking Celestia Instructions 1.jpg
Talking Celestia Instructions 2.jpg
Talking Celestia Instructions 3.jpg

Her wings light up and she randomly says one of 14 phrases when the button on her symbol is pressed.


  • music I will light the way.
  • My wings are so pretty!
  • Let's fly to the castle.
  • My barrettes look so pretty!
  • laughter Flying is so much fun!
  • Spectacular!
  • music
  • I am Princess Celestia.
  • I love to make new friends!
  • I'm a princess. Are you a princess too?
  • You're beautiful!
  • I love when you comb my hair!
  • Oh, my hair looks beautiful!
  • You're my best friend.

She came with a comb , two rose barrettes, and two gem barrettes. Variants came with the barrettes switched in color and the comb another color as well.

PRINCESS CELESTIA is a magical and beautiful pony who rules the land of EQUESTRIA. All of the ponies in PONYVILLE look up to her.

Your PRINCESS CELESTIA pony figure has shimmering wings that flutter and shine! This beautiful, electronic pony figure has all kinds of things to say to you, like I will light the way! and Lets fly to the castle! When you two are ready to soar, press the button to make her wings light up and move. Comb your princess friends pretty ringlets and put in her barrettes to help her majesty always look her best and rule with justice and beauty!

Princess Celestia and Friends Teatime


Have a tea party with your 3 beautiful pony friends with the PRINCESS CELESTIA & FRIENDS TEATIME Set! Your PRINCESS CELESTIA, PINKIE PIE and RAINBOW DASH pony figures love to find special ways to spend time together with you, and this set has the teacups, cookie plates and other teatime accessories for a wonderful party together. Hurray for tea with ponies!

Fashion Style Princess Celestia

FS Princess Celestia.jpg
FS Princess Celestia Accessories.jpg
FS Princess Celestia Symbol.jpg
FS Celestia MIB.jpg

This single version of Fashion Style Princess Celestia does not have tinsel or glitter unlike the Target version. She also has an additional color in her mane and slightly different eyes and symbol.

She came with two heart barrettes and two jewel barrettes but the colors could be switched.

Prototype Fashion Style Princess Celestia

Prototype celestia.jpg

Prior to the release of the new Celestia Fashion Style, factory rejects leaked onto Taobao. This version is more commonly known as 'White Celestia' and has glittery wings much like the Target version. She does not have the same eyes and symbols nor any tinsel like the Target version. She has four colors in her hair.

Blind Bag Princess Celestia

stock photo

Princess Celestia was released in Wave 5 of the blind bags. Her mold is also used for Cadance and Luna.

Year Four (2013)

Midnight in Canterlot


Year Five (2014)

Through the Mirror Fashion Style Princess Celestia


Rainbow Shimmer


Ponymania Collection

Year Six (2015)

Ponymania Collection

100 6704.JPG

Year Seven (2016)

Year Eight (2017)

Nurturing Friends

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Styling Pony

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Talking Pony

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Glitter & Glow

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Canterlot & Seaquestria

  • Walmart Exclusive
Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Year Ten (2019)

Fashion Style Single

MiB Princess Celestia

Pony Stats

  • Pose: G4.5 Fashion Style Alicorn Pose
  • Body Colour:Glittered White
  • Hair Colour:Pink, Purple and Blue
  • Eye Colour:Pink
  • Symbol: Sun
  • Accessories: Pink and Purple Marbled Comb

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