And the Winner Is...

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And the Winner Is...
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 2 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate July 10, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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"And the Winner Is" is the forth episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with "Battle of the Bands". It was written by George Arthur Bloom.


Clover dreams about the competition she entered for tickets to the Cleveland Bays concert. Just when she is announced the winner, she is woken up by her mother and sent to school. At school, she and her friends anxiously await the end of the classes so they can go home and see who the winner of the competition is, which they've all entered. Clover invites her friends to watch the drawing at her house, which is unanimous accepted.

The competition ends as Clover had dreamed, with her as the lucky winner. Her friends are happy for her, but also very disappointed they didn't win and a little jealous that Clover always is the lucky one. All of them leave with some excuse or another, leaving Clover to feel bad about herself. The next day, Clover receives the letter confirming her as winner and the tickets. Clover realizes that with two tickets, she has to pick one of her friends, but feels burdened to favor any of them.

At the ice cream shop, Starlight gives Clover a milkshake on the house to apologize for her behavior after the drawing. This prompts Clover to invite Starlight along to the concert, which Starlight happily accepts. Next, Clover is approached in the library by Melody, who begs her to take her along to the concert. Clover notes that Melody is the group's music enthusiast and therefore has the most reason to be brought along, and therefore invites her too, keeping quiet about her earlier invite of Starlight. Her other four friends also end up individually invited to come along, resulting in a nasty confrontation the next day at school. Clover tries to avoid responsibility by running off, but the others catch up with her. Clover confesses she couldn't stand to have to choose, pacifying her friends as they understand how she felt about the situation. Clover offers a solution: each of them writes their name on a paper, put the paper in a bowl, and Clover's father will randomly pick the two ponies who will get to go to the concert.

The two ponies who end up winning are Melody and Clover. At the concert hall, Clover realizes it just won't be fun without their friends, which Melody agrees with. Rather than attend the concert, they sell their tickets and buy a pizza. They take to Bright Eyes's home, where their friends have gathered to which the concert on television. They are surprised to see Clover and Melody at the door, but happy their friends choose hanging out with them over going to a concert alone. The girls settle in front of the TV and have a great time together.



Clover: I did it! I won again!... oh, I didn't mean to..."


The Choice I Ought to Make

Pink or yellow in my hair
I hate choosing what to wear
"A" or "B"; don't ask me
My head just starts to ache
Somehow I just never know
The choice I ought to make

I find it so confusing to be faced with a decision
I even dread choosing what to watch on television

Bon Bon? Bright Eyes? Melody?
Or one of the other three?
Which is right? That's my plight
I don't know who to take
Two seats only for the show
Each of them deserves to go
I wish there was someway to know
The choice I ought to make

Which choice I ought to make


Animation errors

  • The crowd surrounding Melody and Clover at the concert consists of another Clover and Melody and various of their friends who aren't there.
  • A white dot flashes over Dazzle's head when she announces the Cleveland Bays, which is a mis-animation of the glittering of the decoration on her hat.
  • The post pony doesn’t have his cutie mark as he turns to leave from Clover’s.
  • Clover says pink or yellow but holds a white looking bow for her hair.
  • Clover takes a purple book off of the shelf, has a green one in her hand then holds onto a white one.
  • While Melody wins the ticket her cutie mark disappears.


  • "And the Winner Is..." has been released on DVD in Australia by MRA Entertainment on October 12, 2005, and in the UK by Metrodome on August 16, 2004.
  • The basic plot of this episode was later used in the Friendship is Magic episode "The Ticket Master", in which Twilight Sparkle had two tickets to a highly anticipated event.

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