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Clover's mother is one of the minor characters in My Little Pony Tales. She features in the episodes And the Winner Is..., Out of Luck, Sister of the Bride and Send in the Clown. It isn’t mention who voices the character and we find out in the episode Sister of the Bride that her name is Mrs Bloom. She is the only one of the parents to be named during the series and she is also one of the most featured of all the girls’ parents.

And The Winner Is...: She’s first seen waking Clover up for school. She's feature next later in the episode where she is leading Clover’s Father to draw names out of a bowl to see who goes to the concert that Clover had won tickets for.

Out Of Luck: She’s seen telling Clover off for the mess Clover’s made in the bathroom by over running the taps in the bath when she was day dreaming. She’s later seen taking the teapot that appears to be causing all the misfortune Clover’s having off of the Garbage Man and wondering why Clover had threw it away as it's a perfectly good teapot. She then grounds Clover for not doing her homework and giving her a poor excuse it was the teapot's fault. At the very end of the episode she sums it up for Clover about luck and the teapot .

Sister of the Bride: She’s seen when Clover ruins her pearl necklace around Meadowlark's head saying "My Pearls!" in an odd tone. She continues to freak out over Meadowlark’s wedding through out the episode till she faints into a chair. Her mane and tail also seem to be painted much darker in the episode then the pervious two encounters.

Send in the Clown: She’s seen in minor parts here: waiting at the train station with her family for Meadowlark her daughter, having dinner with Clover and then watching Clover on stage.

Clover's mother in mlpt cartoon.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Not Released
  • Body Colour: Light purple
  • Hair Colour: Red
  • Eye Colour: Pink
  • Symbol: Yellow book