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Drifter and Dreamer, Loose
French MOC
  • Release Year: 2000
  • Availability: Europe
  • Series: Twin Baby Ponies
  • Notes: It is not specified on the package which baby is which; therefore, it has been standard practice within the collecting community to name them left to right as they appear in their packages. These twins also have variants that are slightly different colors.

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Danish/Norwegian: Sværmer/Svermer og Drømmer (Swarming and Dreaming)
  • Dutch: Dartel en Dancer (Frisky and Dancer)
  • Finnish: Haaveliina ja Unelma (Dream Cloth and Dream)
  • French: Vive la Vie and Vive le Vent (Long Live Life and Long Live the Wind)
  • German: Tummelchen and Bummelchen (Tumble and Stroll)
  • Greek: ΓΥΡΙΣΤΡΟΥΛΑ και ΟΝΕΙΡΟΠΌΛΑ – GYRISTROULA kai ONEIROPÓLA (Turntable and Dream Balls)
  • Italian: Valzerina e Canterina (Waltzing and Singing)
  • Spanish: Pony Saltarina y Pony Perezosa (Jumping Pony and Lazy Pony)
  • Swedish: Svärmare och Drommare (Swarmers and Drummers)

Drifter and Dreamer, Loose with Accessories – Missing Pick and One Costume

Drifter Stats

Drifter, Loose
Drifter Variant, Loose
  • Pose: Baby Honey Berry Pose
  • Body Color: Light Green
  • Hair Color: Yellow Forelock, Green Mane, Pink Tail
  • Eye Color: Teal with Green Crystal
  • Symbol: Golden Yellow Bird Above Daisy-Type Flower

Dreamer Stats

Dreamer, Loose
Dreamer Variant, Loose
  • Pose: Baby Dreamer Pose
  • Body Color: Dark Green
  • Hair Color: Yellow Forelock, Pink Mane, Green Tail
  • Eye Color: Teal with Green Crystal
  • Symbol: Golden Yellow Bird Above Daisy-Type Flower


Backcard Stories



  • 1 Fun to dress up!
  • 2 Snap charms together to make a beautiful butterfly charm!

Drifter and Dreamer are the carefree twins. They love having fun!


  • 1 Sjov at udsmykke/Moro å utsmykke
  • 2 Klem smykkerne/smykkene sammen og tag/ta dem på!

Svarrmer/Svermer og Drammer er de sorglose tvillinger. De elsker sjov/moro!

English Translation:

  • 1 Fun to decorate/Fun to decorate
  • 2 Squeeze the jewellery/pieces together and tag/put them on!

Swarming and Dreaming are the carefree twins. They love fun!


  • 1 Leuk om oon te kleden!
  • 2 Klik de hangertjes aan elkaar en draag zelf!

Dartel en Danser zijn een dolle tweeling. Zij hebben altijd de grootste pret!

English Translation:

  • 1 Nice to dress up!
  • 2 Click the hangers together and wear yourself!

Frisky and Dancer are crazy twins. They always have the greatest fun!


  • 1 Hauska puketua hienoksi
  • 2 Napsauta riipukset yhteen ja käytä!

Haaveliina ja Unelma ovat huolettomat kaksoset. Heistä on ihanaa pitää hauskaa!

English Translation:

  • 1 It's fun to dress up
  • 2 Click the pendants together and use!

Dream Cloth and Dream are carefree twins. They love to have fun!


French Backcard
  • 1 Mets à Vive la Vie et Vive le Vent leur jolie collerette en forme de fleur!
  • 2 Clippe les 2 pendentifs l'un sur l'autre et fais-en un superbe collier ou bracelet pour toi !

Vive la Vie et Vive le Vent sont sans souci. Elles ne pensent qu'à profiter de la vie! Vive la Vie sautille tout le temps en chantant des airs entraînants et Vive le Vent la suit en fredonnant!

English Translation:

  • 1 Bring to Long Live Life and Long Live the Wind their pretty flower-shaped collar!
  • 2 Clip the 2 pendants on top of each other and make a superb necklace or bracelet for you!

Long Live Life and Long Live the Wind are worry-free. They only think about enjoying life! Long Live Life jumps around all the time singing catchy tunes and Long Live the Wind follows her, humming!


German Backcard
  • 1 In der niedlichen Blümchenkleidung sehen die Zwillinge besonders hübsch aus!
  • 2 Lasse einfach den zweiteiligen Anhänger ineinander schnappen!

Tummelchen und Bummelchen sind die heiteren Zwillinge, die immer besonders viel Spaß miteinander haben! Denn wenn sich Tummelchen vergnügt im Garten tummelt, bummelt Bummelchen ihr langsam hinterher und singt dazu eine hübsche Melodie.

English Translation:

  • 1 The twins look particularly pretty in the cute floral clothes!
  • 2 Simply snap the two-part pendant together!

Tumble and Stroll are the cheerful twins who always have a lot of fun together! Because when Tumble is frolicking happily in the garden, Stroll strolls slowly behind her and sings a pretty melody.


  • 1 Τρελαίνονται να τις ντύνεις!
  • 2 Βάλε τα κρεμαστά μαζί και φόρεσέ τας!

Η Γυριστρούλα και η Ονειροπόλα είναι οι ξέγνοιαστες δίδυμες. Τους αρέσει να διασκεδάζουν!

  • 1 Trelaínontai na tis ntýneis!
  • 2 Vále ta kremastá mazí kai fóresé tas!

I Gyristroúla kai i Oneiropóla eínai oi xégnoiastes dídymes. Tous arései na diaskedázoun!

English Translation:

  • 1 They go crazy when you dress them up!
  • 2 Put the pendants together and wear them!

Turntable and Dream Balls are the carefree twins. They love to have fun!


  • 1 Che divertimento mascherarsil!
  • 2 Unisci i ciondoli e indossali!

Valzerina e Canterina sono le gemelle spensierate. Amano divertirsi!

English Translation:

  • 1 How fun it is to dress up!
  • 2 Join the pendants and wear them!

Waltzing and Singing are the carefree twins. They love to have fun!



  • 1 Skojig att utsmycka
  • 2 Knäpp ihop berlockerna och ha på dig dem!

Svärmare och Drömmare är de bekymmerslösa tvillingarna. De älskar att ha kul!

English Translation:

  • 1 Fun to decorate
  • 2 Snap the charms together and wear them!

Swarmers and Drummers are the carefree twins. They love to have fun!

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