Stardust and Moondust

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Stardust and Moondust, Loose
Spanish MOC
  • Release Year: 2000
  • Availability: Europe
  • Series: Twin Baby Ponies
  • Notes: It is not specified on the package which baby is which; therefore, it has been standard practice within the collecting community to name them left to right as they appear in their packages. These ponies’ symbols are only on their display sides, a design characteristic that became core to Generation 3.

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Danish/Norwegian:
  • Dutch:
  • Finnish:
  • French: Confetti et Cotillon (Confetti and Party Favors)
  • German:
  • Greek:
  • Italian:
  • Spanish: Pony Celeste y Pony Lucero (Sky Blue Pony and Bright Star Pony)
  • Swedish:

Stardust and Moondust, Loose with Accessories – Missing Some Crown Ribbons

Stardust Stats

Stardust, Loose
  • Pose: Baby Sunbeam Pose
  • Body Color: Dark Pink
  • Hair Color: Seafoam Green Forelock, Aqua Mane, Violet Tail
  • Eye Color: Lavender with Green Crystal
  • Symbol: Three Turquoise Daisies and Five Dots

Moondust Stats

Moondust, Loose
  • Pose: Baby Tickle Heart Pose
  • Body Color: Light Pink
  • Hair Color: Seafoam Green Forelock, Violet Mane, Aqua Tail
  • Eye Color: Lavender with Green Crystal
  • Symbol: Three Turquoise Daisies and Five Dots


Backcard Stories

Spanish Backcard



Confetti et Cotillon sont toujours de bonne humeur. Elles adorent porter leurs costumes de fées et organiser des fêtes avec leurs amis. Et regarde bien! Il y a même des fées qui dansent et chantent dans le jardin de Mes Petits Poneys!

English Translation:

Confetti and Party Favor are always in a good mood. They love wearing their fairy costumes and having parties with their friends. And look carefully! There are even fairies dancing and singing in My Little Ponies' garden!



¡Colecciona todas las Gemelas Bebés!

  • 1 ¡Qué divertido es disfrazarlas!
  • 2 ¡Encaja los dos amuletos para crear un precioso amuleto de rosa!

Pony Celeste y Pony Lucero son mágicas. Les encanta disfrazarse de hadas y reunir a sus amigas para hacer una fiesta. El jardin se llena de brillantes hadas que rien y bailan con los ponys.

English Translation:

Collect all the Baby Twins!

  • 1 How fun it is to dress them up!
  • 2 Match the two charms together to create a beautiful rose charm!

Sky Blue Pony and Bright Star Pony are magical. They love dressing up as fairies and gathering their friends to have a party. The garden is filled with bright fairies who laugh and dance with the ponies.


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