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Jack Frost shows Powder how to paint ice on the trees

Jack Frost is a recurring character in the G1 comic books who first appeared in "My Little Pony" #7. He is an ally of the ponies who paints beautiful, feathery frost pictures on their windows during the night with his magic paints. Eventually he gained a sidekick named Jimmy Ice.

Jack Frost's appearance is always much the same: a noseless humanoid with a pink coat and cape, purple belt, and striped blue pants / tights that go right over his feet.

Jack Frost appears in one Glo Friends story in an issue of "My Little Pony and Friends" comic, an indication that the Glo Friends may live in the "My Little Pony" universe.


  • In the "My Little Pony" 1986 Winter Special, Majesty and the other ponies help him get his magic paintbox back from a troublesome imp.

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