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(the same that came with Wedding Confetti

This wedding wear set was available both in the US and the UK. While there are rumors that different sets existed, in reality, they are identical save for possible minor differences in the stitching.

Collectors should be aware that Satin 'N Lace's outfit is very similar to the Pony Wear set; however, the lace on Satin's dress is stitched in a different pattern. There are 3 known variations of lace stitching on Satin 'N Lace's gown.

Wedding Bells Confetti (UK) had an identical dress to Something Old, Something New; however, the silver stitching in her veil is different.

At least two "fakie" pony wear wedding sets exist as well, but they were not produced by Hasbro.

How to tell your wedding sets apart:

Dresses: Both Something Old, Something New and UK Wedding Bells Confetti are edged in a scalloped lace pattern with two half-circle shapes together in a sequence - it almost looks like upside down hearts. The pattern is very distinctive. Any pattern other than this belongs to Satin 'N Lace.

Even though the lace edging is identical, you can still tell which gown goes with whom as Something Old, Something New has a shiny satin fabric, while Wedding Bells Confetti has a matte fabric.

Veils: Something Old, Something New has a stitched tiara that is mostly white with a single band of silver stitching in a wavy pattern up and down. (pictured) Wedding Bells Confetti's tiara is almost entirely silver.

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Rings: TBD

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