Sweet Reflections Dress Shop

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Sweet Reflections Dress Shop MIB
Sweet Reflections Dress Shop Back of Package
Sweet Reflections Dress Shop, Opened with Ponies and Accessories

The Sweet Reflections Dress Shop is a Generation 3 playset that was sold exclusively at Sam's Club in 2004. Included ponies are Skywishes with different mane stripe pattern, Peri Winkle (identical to original release), Darling Dahlia, and Goodie Goodie. The latter two ponies are exclusive to this playset, and only Skywishes is featured on the back of the package wearing the Berry Pickin' Fun with Butterscotch outfit, which did not come with the Dress Shop.

The shop building is the same mold as the Cotton Candy Cafe and includes many of the same accessories as the Celebration Salon in different colors. Even the images of Amberlocks operating the cash register and vanity/sink are taken from the Celebration Salon package. Goodie Goodie's outfit is also worn by Pinkie Pie III in the Pie Party Fun with Pinkie Pie accessory set. Hoof magnet-activated features of the playset are a cash register with opening drawer and spinning jewelry rack and a vanity that opens to reveal a salon sink. The vanity/sink and dressing mirror are too tall to fit inside the building.

Dress Shop Story

Whenever there's a celebration in Ponyville, this sweet boutique becomes one of the busiest shops in town. All the ponies love to come in and try on the latest fashions, and experiment with fun new hairstyles.

When all the stars come out at night, Skywishes makes a wish on every single one! Mostly she wishes for good things for her friends (like Twinkle Twirl!), but she has a special wish of her own, too - she wants to be the best dancer in Ponyville!

Every morning, Peri Winkle reads her friends' horoscopes to let them know what the day has in store for them. Her motto is, "No matter where the stars are, you can make every day a wonderful day!"

Darling Dahlia likes to have a new look for every day, so she's always trying new hairdos and fashions. Sometimes, instead of wearing just one set of shoes, she'll wear four different ones instead.

Goodie Goodie is such a busy pony, she sometimes forgets to brush her hair... or even take out her curlers! So she always checks her reflection in the mirror before she leaves the house.

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