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Twice as Fancy Ponies are generation 1 ponies whose whole flanks (and often nose or cheek) are covered in a repeating symbol (i.e. TAF Sundance),or a variety of images within a theme to create one large symbol (i.e. Night Glider).

English: Twice As Fancy Ponies
French: Poney Festival
Spanish (Argentina): Fiesta
Spanish (Spain): Pony Fiesta

Year Five (1986-1987)

Twice as Fancy

Mint on Card

Playset Ponies

Year Six (1987-1988)

Twice as Fancy

Year Seven (1988-1989)

Sunshine Ponies

Sunshine Ponies

The distinguishing aspect of Sunshine ponies is that their hair changes color in the sun, but their symbols are also in the TAF style.

Loving Family Ponies

Loving Family ponies were sets of mommy, daddy and baby ponies where the baby pony (girls and boys were available, though not everywhere) had a TAF symbol that was a combination of its' parents TAF symbols as well as a mane with both of its' parents mane and tail colors.

Also available in Europe were baby sister and brother ponies to go with the families:

Year Eight (1989-1990)

Twice As Fancy Baby Ponies

  • Mail Order
MIP TAF Babies

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