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Common Sweet Tooth
English (UK): Lollipop
English (US/Canada): Sweet Tooth
French: Guimauve
Spanish (Spain): Golosina


Media Appearances

Animated Sweet Tooth

Animated Pony Stats

Toy Variants

Common Sweet Tooth

G1 Sweet Tooth
MOC Sweet Tooth (French language packaging)
G1 Sweet Tooth's Symbol
G1 Sweet Tooth's Cheek Symbol

Sweet Tooth is a Twice as Fancy Pony. Her UK name is Lollipop.

Pony Stats

Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

G1 Sweet Tooth's US Backcard

Early one morning, Sweet Tooth followed a sunbeam to a field of magical flowers. She gathered colorful powder from the flower petals and hurried back to her kitchen. "What a surprise this will be!" Sweet Tooth giggled as she sprinkled the powder on her latest batch of homemade lollipops. Just then, her friends appeared at the door. "I smell lollipops," Bangles smiled. Strange things began to happen as the ponies licked the lollipops! "My lollipop is filled with my favorite strawberry taffy!" Taffy cried. "Mine turned into a basket of balloons!" Up, Up and Away exclaimed. "Look - my lollipop burst into a candy necklace," Bangle laughed as she placed it around her neck. Then Sweet Tooth blinked her eyes and her own lollipop bloomed into a forest of lollipop trees! This was Sweet Tooth's best batch of lollipops yet!

Argentinian Sweet Tooth

There are 2 variants of Argentina Sweet Tooth.

Argentinian Sweet Tooth Variant I


Argentinian Sweet Tooth Variant II

Spanish Sweet Tooth


Her name in spanish is Golosina. She is a "Pony Fiesta" type pony.

Backcard Story

Golosina a menudo hace trucos de malabarismo en las fiestas de Ponylandia. Un dia el rey brujo le compensó con una planta mágica. La planta creció y se hizo un árbol de pirulis. Ahora Golosina hace sus malbarismos con los pirulis y después se los regala a sus amigos para después de la fiesta. Siempre hay pirulis por donde vaya Golosina.


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