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G1 Wavy
G1 Wavy
G1 Wavy's Symbol

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Backstroke Pose
  • Body Colour:Purple
  • Hair Colour:Coral with Pink
  • Eye Colour:Puple
  • Symbol:Round conch shell

Back Card Stories

Wavy and Dipper were gathering seashells in the sand. "Look out, Wavy! A big wave is coming!" Dipper cried. The wave gently lifted Wavy up and carried her into deeper water. "Whee! This is fun!" exclaimed Wavy as the wave lifted her high into the sky, then slowly brought her back to shore. "Let's make a present for Mr. Sun," suggested Wavy. They strung together a beautiful bow tie made of seashelss. "Can you bring us to Mr. Sun?" Wavy asked the big wave. The wave happily lifted Wavy and Dipper into the sky. They wrapped the bow tie around Mr. Sun's warm sunbeams. When he sprinkled a magical sundrop on Wavy and Dipper, the sundrop burst into a beautiful necklace made of glowing pearls and glittering seashells. What a perfect souvenir for a day at the beach!

Media Appearances

Sea also