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Busy Work

  • ponies needs her stats filled in
    • pony pose pages need to be complete for G1-G3.5, G4 TBD
    • include copy right dates for pony poses
  • images need to be categorized, check out Special:UncategorizedFiles for images and Image Galleries for categories
  • all ponies that were animated need screen shots added to their pages
  • all pages pertaining to a specific generation need to be categorized in that generation
  • adjust links to account for new ponies. i.e. because there is G4 Skywishes, all previous Skywishes links should be changed to link specifically to G3 Skywishes. There is a "What Links Here" link in the toolbox.
  • fill in all pony toy release category pages with picture galleries of the ponies, such as with Sweetberry Ponies.

TV and Movies

  • many episode and movie articles need filling out

Wanted Images and Content

Categories containing pages that are in need.

Arena threads with longer want lists:

  • [1] (nirvana)
  • [2] (everything else)


  • MIB/MOC pix
  • accessories
  • merchandise
  • international/exclusive/etc
  • G1 Plush Ponies
    • Glory -applause, printed/stamped symbol
    • Cotton Candy - applause, embroidered symbol
    • Firefly - applause, embroidered symbol


  • MOC Satin Splash
  • MOC Clever Clover
  • MOC Sweet Berry
    • Basket Surprise Sweetberry
    • Kitchen Sweet Berry
    • Royal Masquerade Ball Princess Sweet Berry
    • Magic Motion Family Sweet Berry
    • Royal Castle Princess Sweet Berry
    • Changing Mane and Tail Sweetberry
  • MOC Ivy
    • Basket Surprise Ivy
    • Princess Ivy
  • MOC Light Heart releases:
    • MOC Birthday Magic Light Heart
    • MOC Lady Light Heart
    • MOC Magic Motion Family Light Heart
    • MOC Changing Mane and Tail Light Heart
    • MIB Wedding Playset Light Heart
  • MOC Sundance releases:
    • MOC Birthday Magic Sundance
    • MOC Magic Rainbow Forest Sunsparkle
    • MOC Enchanted Throne Queen Sunsparkle
    • MOC Magic Motion Family Sunsparkle
    • MOC Changing Mane and Tail Sunsparkle
  • european release images and info


generally need lots of images, accessory info, backcard stories, etc


G3 Backcard Stories Needed

G3 Images Needed

  • G3 Pinkie Pie
    • 2005 Whimsical Winter with Pinkie Pie
    • Pie Party Fun with Pinkie Pie
    • Sharing Tea with Pinkie Pie and Minty

Ponyville Images Needed

  • Many MIP!


G4 Brushable Ponies missing a Cutie Mark (symbol) picture

Several Equestria Girls characters need pages created or expanded