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In this earth pose, the pony is trotting with her head held high and facing forwards. The left front hoof and right back hoof are planted on the ground while the left back hoof is extended backwards and the right hoof forwards. Both of these feet touch the ground with just the hoof tip.

Copyrighted 1984.

List of Ponies in the Posey Pose


Euro Exclusive



Flower Bouquet Pose

G1 Flower Bouquet

The same pose as the Posey Pose basically, except it has a moulded saddle.

Copyrighted 1989.

List of Ponies in the Flower Bouquet Pose

Rollerskates Pose

This pose is basically the same as the Posey Pose with added molded rollerskates on each hoof.

List of Ponies in the Rollerskates Pose

Other Ponies in Modified Posey Pose Poses

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