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VHS with My Little Pony in Dreamland and Escape from Katrina


My Little Pony: Escape From Catrina

My Little Pony: Escape From Catrina’s original U.S airdate was March 23 1985. It was one of two stand alone specials that were edited into the My Little Pony 'n Friends series, this episode was broad cast at the end of My Little Pony’n Friends Series 2 (1987) as a two part episode. The opening and closing credits were replaced with the standard versions (which misspelled the original title) and the song 'Those Good (Before You Turned Bad) Old Days' was removed. Some believe it was because it portrays a straight forward idea of Katrina's use of Witch Weed as a drug addiction.

Changes in the My Little Pony 'n Friends version

When edited to fit in the My Little Pony 'n Friends slot, it was retitled "My Little Pony: Escape From Katrina" and "Escape From Katrina Part 2". In addition, to fit the one-musical-number format and to save time the song "The Good Old Days" and the original end credit were omitted. They did, oddly enough keep the original opening chorus, but with the special's title changed.


It starts with the ponies getting ready to have Megan visit. Sundance accidentally misses the ball they’d all been playing with and falls into the welcome back poster ruining it. Sundance pushes the ball off with her hoof upset as she was only trying to catch it; it bounces off over the lake and knocks Baby Moondancer in. The sea ponies dive to save Baby Moondancer and Sundance apologises. They go back to playing and the ball then bounces off into a cave. Baby Moondancer chases after it but tells Posey it’s gone upon reaching the caves mouth. The ball rolls past some Bushwoolies working, they’re being held as slaves. Rep Kicks the ball down a hole into some water. Rep then gives one Bushwooly some Witch weed to give to Catrina but he spills it, Catrina gets mad and orders the Bushwooly finds more. When the Bushwoolies plan to escape Catrina drops that Bushwooly (who seems to hate the water) into the water the ball fell into but Rep transforms into a bird and saves him.

While blowing up Balloons Baby Moondancer asks if she can help, Sundance asks her to pass the string over there but when Baby Moondancer picks up the wrong string it releases the balloons that were blown up earlier, as it was attached to the net holding them down. Sundance tries to save them only to knock Spike and Rep off a plank of wood who are painting another sign. Just then Megan and Sky dancer appear the ponies immediately gather around her and hand Megan the rainbow of light in the heart necklace, before long Megan is babysitting the baby ponies trying to get them to sleep.

The Bushwoolies try to escape again while Catrina sleeps, Rep instead tries to offer them shorter hours it doesn’t work and they shut of the Witch weed machine. Rep keeps trying to bargain for them to stay to no avail, they follow the leader Bushwooly like sheep out the cave mouth. Rep then has to confess to Catrina they’re gone. Rep and Catrina go up top to the surface to catch all the Bushwoolies they can, failing they plan to use the ponies instead as slaves, she captures them by making a snowstorm. The ponies soon get trapped in the snow but one breaks free to get Megan.

Megan arrives back with the rainbow, she lets it out of the heart necklace and it knocks Catrina off her feet before melting away the snow. Catrina fights it but fails.

The ponies go back to decorating for Megan and the parade later, Sundance offers to help but she’s shooed off. Sundance sits crying by the lake as Megan goes to cheer her up, feeling better they race back off to the parade.

Baby Moondancer doesn’t have anything to wear for the parade so Megan makes her a princess outfit giving Baby Moondancer the rainbow. Rep intercepts Baby Moondancer on the way to the parade trying to steal the rainbow. He fails then Catrina has a go only to get bitten. Catrina then take Baby Moondancer and necklace. Megan arrives too late to save Baby Moondancer and they fly away on Rep who has transformed again. They ponies and Megan form a search party and find the Bushwoolies who explain about Catrina and Rep. They go to the underground lair where Catrina is threatening to drop the rainbow and/or Baby Moondancer into the water from before if they don’t agree to be her slaves. Rep tries to stop her by knocking her into the water while Megan saves the rainbow and Sundance saves Baby Moondancer. Catrina begs for help, promises to be good and also to destroy the Witch weed machine which she does.

The parade of costumes for Megan finally begins while the Sea ponies sing.


Opening Theme:
My little pony, My little pony
How has the world been treating you?
My little pony, my little pony
Have your dreams been coming true?
Tell me what's doing, anything brewing?
Is something special in store?

My little pony, My little pony
Can't wait to see you once more

(What's been occurring? Anything stirring?
Hope your problems are few
My little pony, My little pony
May fortune smile on you
May fortune smile on you)

Let’s not take a nap:
Let’s not take a nap
Who wants to take a nap?
Let’s let go, Let’s cut loose
Be a locomotive and caboose

Let’s not nap today
Let’s stay awake and play
Let’s not sleep, let’s keep busy
Play a game of leap frog till we’re dizzy
Bong bong bong, etc

Let’s summersault Let’s cartwheel
Let’s stay up until dawn
Let’s have a pillow fight
Then have a tug of war
Oh goodness me did someone yawn?
Time we took our naps before we all collapse
No it’s not, we’re not ready
Glory want her bottle, where’s my teddy?
To your bed, dowse the light
And put your sleepy heads down and sleep tight.

Those good (Before you went bad) Old days:
There used to be a time
Or maybe you’ve forgotten
When you weren’t mean and rotten
Remember those good before you turned bad old days?
Don’t hand me that line
I’ve heard enough
I like to play rough and if you don’t it’s tough
Oh ho I long to see
The sweetie puss you used to be
The cute cuddly kitten, sitting on my knee
That girl is gone
Good riddance to her
My advice forget you knew her.
But now I’m in my prime
The peek of all my power
And soon I make the whole world cower
And the sweet pussy cat I knew?
She made like a wind storm and (wind blows from Catrina’s mouth)
She’s gone like those good before you turned bad old days.

Megan’s Parade:
Dressed like a dream
They’re all dressed like a dream
Take a look and you’ll agree
They stepped right out of fantasy

Dressed like a dream
The stars are shinning sweet
(Shinning sweet)
Sporting clothes so heavenly
They’re lighting up their own galaxy
Isn’t it fun getting all done up
Pretending you’re someone new
Life is supreme when you’re
Dressed like a dream
(Dressed like a dream)
Come true
(Rep: “You look beautiful Catrina
Catrina: You really think so darling?
Rep: Just like the good old days. Go on Catrina your public awaits.
Catrina: I’d be happy to but you’re standing on my dress
Rep: Excuse me”)

Isn’t it fun getting all done up
Pretending you’re someone new
Life is extremely supreme when you’re
Dressed like a
Dressed like a
Dressed like a
Dream come true!

Ending Theme:
My little pony, my little pony
Time I was heading homeward bound

My little pony, my little pony
Twinkling stars are all around
Day time has ended, night is descended

Smiling above us is the moon.
My little pony, my little pony
Let’s get together real soon


Megan, Spike, Sundance, Posey, Lickety-Split, Starflower, Powder, Skydancer, Sparkler, Baby Moondancer, Baby Surprise, Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Glory, Rep, Catrina, Sea Breeze, Whitecap, Sea Mist, Sand Dollar, Backstroke, Bushwoolies


Animation error:

Crew and Credits


Supervising Director:


Animation Supervision:

Vocal Talents:

Storyboard Directors:

Additional Storyboard:

Model design:

Background Design:

Supervising Editor

Music Editor

Sound effect Editors:

Production Manager:

Production Coordinator:

Production Assistant:

Casting by:

Distributed by: Claster television productions, A division of Hasbro Bradley, INC

Produced in associationwith Toei Animation co, LTD.

Music score composed by

Orchestrations by:

Music Supervision by:

“My little pony” theme by:

Written by

Songs Composed by:

Lyrics by:

Creative Director:

Executive in charge of production:

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Part of the score from My Little Pony: Escape From Catrina was reused in My Little Pony: The Movie.


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