Wave Dancer Is Missing (Book)

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Wave Dancer is Missing

"Wave Dancer is Missing" is a New York: Scholastic book released in 1993 using characters from the Hasbro/Playskool My Pretty Mermaids Toy Line.
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The book explains that a school of mermaids live deep under the sea, past the coral reefs and past the sunken galleons. Wave Dancer, so named because she was so graceful that when she moved through the water it seemed as though she were dancing, was one of the members of this school. The only other mermaid from the toy line to have her name mentioned is Sea Splasher. Both were a part of the Rainbow Mermaids series of the toy line. The story takes place on the day of the school's anual summer scavenger contest. The head-mermaid, MerMadame tells them that for this contest they must all swim fast and far and find their way through the ocean depths. Sea Splasher was appointed team captain and decided to split her team up to find the items quicker. When Wave Dancer claimed to hear music that the rest of the team couldn't, Sea Splasher sent MerMadame's assistant Dolph the Dolphin to keep an eye on the curious mermaid. Rather than swimming toward the ocean floor in search of sunken coins, Wave Dancer begins dancing her way upward in a beam of sunlight, only to get caught in a fishing net. When Dolph is unable to pull the unlucky mermaid from the net, he goes for help. The fishermen decide to take Wave Dancer back to shore and sell her. During the night, a young boy with a flute came and sat next to the barrel the fishers were keeping Wave Dancer in. She pleaded to the boy to be set free, but he couldn't understand her language. The boy began to play his flute and Wave Dancer began to dance. Once he was sure no one was looking, the boy released Wave Dancer back into the sea, feeling she deserved to be free. Wave Dancer's team had followed the boat to rescue her. Even though her team had lost the contest, MerMadame still gave them ribbons for their courage and bravery, then decided next time, she would hold a dancing contest.

Scavenger List

The items MerMadame had asked the mermaids to collect were written on a piece of drift wood. The list was as follows:

  • 3 Giant Clamshells
  • Two Bright Pink Conch Shells
  • A Foot-Long Piece of Giant Kelp Seaweed
  • 3 Sunken Coins
  • A Fan-Shaped Coral

Appearances By Other Mermaids

There are a total of four mermaids shown in the mermaid school, excluding MerMadame. The two that are named are Sea Splasher and the title character Wave Dancer. The names of the other two are never mentioned. However, one of these two stands out and is easily identifiable; with her blond hair, blue eyes and tail, yellow fin and top, and pink seashell, she is clearly Sun Blossom who seems to have the most media apperances, having also been on the packaging for the Fashion Treasure Accessories, and being one of the possible three mermaids on the lunchbox. The fourth however, is a little more difficult to identify. She is considerably smaller than the other mermaids, her hair, tail, top, and fin are all purple, and her eyes are blue. It is most likely this one is meant to be Sea Flower.
Sea Flower as seen in Wave Dancer Is Missing (Book)
Sun Blossom as seen in Wave Dancer Is Missing (Book)

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