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  • Flip Open Watches

The band is pale purple in colour with palm trees as a design with a pink clasp, Pina Colada is the pony on the clock face which opens up to reveal a digital face inside.

Cassette Players

My little pony cassette player complete with box and all original paperwork. The set included the player, “cassette player instructions” and “Important” information paper.

The Cassette player did not come with a power adapter and an adapter is not mentioned anywhere in the box. However, the player does have an option for a power adapter. Unfortunately the wattage/voltage is unknown as well as what kind of an adapter would work with this. Anyway the cassette player can be used with batteries.


Sewing Machine

  • battery operated
  • runs by foot pedal or manual
  • has work light
  • comes with a needle, a spool of white thread, an instruction book, and sample cloth under the needle with a sewn line.[2]

Lamps and Lights


  • six panels of fragile plastic
  • Made in UK - 1985


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  1. Donated by Butterscotch
  2. Donated by Nesi