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G1 NBBE Baby Tiddly Winks
G1 BBE Baby Tiddly Winks
G1 NBBE Baby Tiddly-Winks' Symbol

Normal eyed Baby Tiddly Winks was released in Year 3 (1984-1985) with Lullabye Nursery playset. In later re-releases she was changed to Beddy Bye Eye pony.

This pony's name has multiple spellings...

  • "Tiddley-Winks" on the Lullabye Nursery instructions and in her story
  • "Tiddley Winks" on her sticker
  • "Tiddly-Winks" on her mail order pamphlet


Pony Stats


Backcard Stories

US Story

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

Baby Tiddley-Winks and the Lullabye Nursery

Every morning at one minute before sunrise, the clouds magically separate to greet the ponies arriving at the Lullabye Nursery. Inside this enchanting house, delightful surprises await them.

Tiddley-Winks, the Baby Pony, lives in the Lullabye Nursery and prepares an afternoon tea party for all the ponies. After tea and crumpets, they play their favorite games.

One day while riding the lullabye swing high into the air, Tiddley-Winks wished she could swing high enough to touch the rainbow. "Hop on me, Tiddley-Winks, and I'll carry you to the rainbow," called a big, white, fluffy cloud as it floated down to the swing. Tiddley-Winks jumped on the cloud and rode it like a magic carpet all around ponyland.

"Look! There's the rainbow," she said with a spark of excitement. As she spoke, the rainbow dipped down and tied a pretty lace bib around her neck.

That night, when the ponies gathered to tell bedtime stories in the nursery, Tiddley-Winks told everyone of her adventure with the rainbow.

Media Appearances

Baby Tiddly Winks in the My little Pony TV series

Animated Pony Stats

  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: Light Pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: White flounce

Baby Tiddly Winks starred in the My Little Pony 'n Friends TV series, in which her voice was played by Katie Leigh.

She was also in the Book The magic nut tree.

Brazilian Baby Tiddly Winks

Brazil baby Tiddly Winks stands in baby Ember's pode. She was a playset pony sold with Lullabye Nursery.

Spanish Baby Tiddly Winks

Spanish Baby Tiddly Winks

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