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G1 year 7 ponies.

Merry Go Round Ponies

Candy Cane Ponies

Sunshine Ponies

Perfume Puff Ponies

Dance 'n Prance Ponies

Princess Brush 'n Grow Ponies

Loving Family Ponies

Also available in Europe were baby sister and brother ponies to go with the families:

Sparkle Ponies

Baby Fancy Pants Ponies

(Made in Thailand.)

Playtime Baby Brother Ponies

Newborn Ponies

Windy Wing Ponies

Sweetheart Sister Ponies

Baby Pony and Pretty Pal

This set contains rare non-equine pony friends.

Other Releases

Mail Order Ponies Year Seven

Baby Pearlized Ponies

Pretty Mane Ponies

Baby Sister Ponies

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