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There are quite a bit of room and house decor items that were made during G1.


Door Bells

Italian Indoor Door Bell

By Kikka's and from 1985.

  • "Din Dlon Pony is a real doorbell with music box and if you attach it to the door of your room they will set your friends on fire and ring it very willingly"

"If you want to send ever more special and affectionate messages, use Printy's stamps! By stamping Printy similarly in Printy color you will leave MMP "little marks of happiness" everywhere".

  • (Printy is another line of merch in the Italian MLP range, and you can see the little ink stampers this is referring to at the bottom rear of card.)
  • "4 labels with 4 very special and loving messages".
  • Attenzione bambini volanti - beware of flying children
  • Riunione segreta MMP - secret MLP meeting
  • Vado dai miei unicorni ... sono magico - I go to my unicorns ... I am magical
  • Sono col mio drago Berto - I am with my dragon Berto

Google translation of MOC doorbell below

Switch Plates

Coat Hangers

Set of 3 Padded Coat Hangers

Picture Frames

Cork Pin Boards

  • Size: 40 x 61cm
  • Copyright date Hasbro Industries (UK) Ltd 1985


Snow Globes

Sold in Europe, exclusive to Zodiac Toys

Lamps and Lights


  • six panels of of fragile plastic
  • Made in UK (? - speculation)

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