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English Language



Playsets, Pony Wear and Miscellaneous Ads


Movie and Show Promos

  • Movie promo, (starts at 0:37) youtube
  • Movie promo, (starts at 3:41) youtube
  • 'N Friends promo, (starts at 10:17) youtube
  • 'N Friends promo, (starts at 2:07) youtube
  • 'N Friends promo, (starts at 8:02) youtube

Dutch Language

French Language

German Language

Greek Language

Hungarian Language

Italian Language

Japanese Language

Portuguese Language

  • Collectors Ponies, (Brazilian) youtube
  • Baby Ponies, (Brazilian) youtube

Spanish Language

Slovak or Czech

Lost Advertisements

These are adverts that are known to exist, but have no documented videos on the internet. Any and all help with finding these lost ads, or any other undocumented ads that may not be listed here, is appreciated!

  • G1 Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies
  • G1 Watercolour [Baby] Sea Ponies (Currently only have audio)
  • G1 Perfume Puff Ponies
  • G1 Candy Cane Ponies (English)
  • G1 Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals
  • G1 Princess Brush and Grow Ponies (English)
  • G1 Prancing Pretty Carousel
  • G1 Goldilocks
  • G1 Dream Beauties (One for Shimmering and Rainbow Beauties, and one for Sweet Perfume and Showtime Beauties)

These are ones listed on the now defunct site Dream Valley, but their existence cannot be 100% confirmed as some of the commercial information on the site is wrong.

  • Early earth, unicorn and pegasus ponies (The transcript doesn’t match up with the archived commercial)
  • Baby buggy (does not include the line mentioning Baby Cuddles’ beddy bye eyes)
  • Lullabye Nursery (does not include the line about Baby Tiddley-Winks eyes)
  • So Soft ponies (a “nuzzily soft” version that doesn’t say the ponies’ names)
  • Beddy-bye eye ponies (doesn’t include “comes with what you see here” near the end)
  • Pretty ‘n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies (Different transcript, doesn’t list names)
  • Princess Ponies (Shortened version)
  • Newborn Twins (Longer version)
  • Big Brother Ponies (Includes different clips featuring three new big brother ponies, presumably Wigwam, Chief and Barnacle)
  • Pony Friends (Updated year 6 version with new pony friends)
  • Crimp and Curl Hair Salon (Featuring Baby Fifi near the end of the ad, not just the beginning, and with the narrator saying the price out loud. It's unlikely that this one exists, since the same description also mentions TAF Twilight, who doesn’t exist and was likely confused with Milky Way, so the rest of the ad could have been misremembered as well.)
  • Peek-a-Boo babies (Short version)
  • Happy Tails ponies (Short version)
  • Sunshine ponies (Slightly longer, without makeup ad at the end)

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