Recycled Playsets and Accessories

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Hasbro reused molds for playsets and accessories within generations, across generation and across toy lines.

Prancing Pretty Carousel


Hasbro reused this playset (with some modifications) for the Littlest Pet Shop line in 1995. [1] Notably, it does not include a music box / wind up feature.

Petite/Moon Dreamers Star Picks

Hasbro used the same mold of star picks for G1 Petite Ponies and Moon Dreamers. They differed in that one distributed with the Moon Dreamers were painted with a shiny coating and those for petite ponies were not.

G1/G2 Schoolhouse

The pony schoolhouse from G1 was reused in G2.

Show Stable

The G1 Show Stable was re-released during G1 several times.

Pretty Parlor

Kitchen (folded up)

The G1 Pretty Parlor was released within G1 as the Brush Me Beautiful Boutique and the UK exclusive Kitchen. It then crossed generations to be release in G2 as the My Pretty Parlor with Ivy.

Family Convertible/Pink and Fabulous Pony Car

An modified version of the car mold was used in both G3 and G4.

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