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G2 Morning Glory
Morning Glory's Symbol

G2 Morning Glory was originally released in 1997 as one of the Secret Surprise Friends. She was released seven times in total, and twice under the name "Flora."


Media Appearances

Year One (1997)

Secret Surprise Morning Glory

G2 Morning Glory
G2 MOC Morning Glory

Backcard Story

Morning Glory's backcard story
Morning Glory's backcard

US backcard story

Morning Glory is the imaginative one. She thinks up special ways to brighten the day, like picking bouquets of flowers and wrapping them in magical rainbows!

Year Three (1999)

Royal Wedding Princess Morning Glory

G2 Royal Wedding Princess Morning Glory

Ponies released in this set are:

Royal Castle Ballroom with Princess Morning Glory

G2 Royal Castle Ballroom Princess Morning Glory

Royal Castle Ballroom with Princess Morning Glory

Royal Castle Ballroom Story

Royal Princess Ballroom with Princess Morning Glory Backcard

Morning Glory dreamt that one day she would go to the dance at the castle. Her wish was granted and magically her work clothes turned into a sparkling evening gown.

Playsets released in the same year are:

Princess Morning Glory

G2 Princess Morning Glory

Backcard Story

Princess Morning Glory is imaginative. She imagines fun ways to surprise her friends by creating magical new hairstyles for every Royal occasion!

Ponies released in the Princess Friends set are:

Year Four (2000)

Light Up Family Morning Glory and Baby Dew


Light Up Family Morning Glory


Baby Dew

Baby Dew
Baby Dew's Symbol

Baby Dew is a G2 baby pony. Released only once in Year Four (2000) with Morning Glory (her mom pony) in the Light Up Family Ponies release.

Pony Stats


Backcard Stories


Morning Glory is imaginative and Baby Dew is creative.

Ponies released in the Light up Family Ponies set are:

Year Five (2001)

Romantic Princess Flora

Year Six (2002)

Changing Mane and Tail Flora


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