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A selection of original ribbons

Some but not all G1 ponies were released with ribbons. In particular many of the late year ponies were only sold with a brush or comb. Identifying exact shades of ribbon included with each pony is extremely difficult, if not impossible, due to two factors; Hasbro was not perfectly consistent with what ribbon/shade was included with each pony, and ribbons are prone to fading over time.

Regular Ribbons

The majority of pony ribbons are a 1/4" (0.65 cm) wide, double sided satin polyester. Unlike most craft ribbons sold today, vintage ribbons are noticeably thicker with a satin finish sheen on both sides. Average length is 8 3/4" - 9" (22.2-23 cm); there is little standardization of overall length, anything from 21.5 to 24 cm is common. Ends are cut at a 30-45 degree angle, (40º average), with diagonal ends parallel. Later ribbons may be heat cut (fused ends), while earlier ribbons were not. (All measurements are point to point.)

  • Argentinian ponies had ribbons with a different type of weave (plain weave satin ribbon) [1][2]
  • Some UK ponies may have had ribbons with a different weave as well [3]

Yellow Ribbons

Pink and Purple Ribbons

Blue and Green Ribbons

Orange Ribbons

White Ribbons

Playset Ribbons

Metallic Ribbons

Metallic ribbons were issued with Flutter Ponies and Summer Wing Ponies. The ribbons are 0.138" (0.35cm) wide with three row chevron pattern weave. Length is approximately 8 1/8" (20.6 cm). The ends are straight cut and unfused. These ribbons unravel very easily and are often found with frayed edges.

Gold Trimmed Ribbons

These ribbons were sold with Flutter Ponies, Princess Ponies and Mail Order Sparkle Ponies. They are .156" wide (0.38 cm) double sided satin polyester, similar to a standard ribbon, with metallic thread stitched into each edge. Insufficient data exists to make average length determinations, available sample is 8 1/8" long (20.6 cm) with parallel cut ends, at a 50º angle. Ends are unfused, and prone to fraying. Flutter pony ribbons are slightly thicker than princess ribbons.[4]

Dance n' Prance Ribbons

Brush n' Grow Ribbons

These ribbons are identical to the regular ribbons save for dimensions. They are 0.394" (1 cm) wide and 12.8" (32.5 cm) long with 50º parallel cut, unfused ends.

Pretty Ups Ribbons

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  • Bowties, also includes mesh/lace ribbons