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Many ponies came with a special sticker of themselves. Some outfits also came with stickers. There were three styles of stickers, round and puffy, round and flat, and flat and vaguely cut out. These stickers could not be bought separately.

Year Two (1983-1984) Pony Stickers

Earth Ponies

Pegasus Ponies

Unicorn Ponies

Rainbow Ponies

Year Three (1984-1985) Pony Stickers

Earth Pony Stickers

Pegasus Pony Stickers

Unicorn Pony Stickers

Rainbow Pony Stickers

Sea Pony Stickers

Baby Pony Stickers

Baby Sea Ponies

Playset Pony Stickers

Year Four (1985-1986) Pony Stickers

So Soft Ponies

Twinkle Eye Ponies

Flutter Ponies

Beddy-Bye-Eye Baby Ponies

Pearly Baby Sea Ponies

Playset Pony Stickers

Ponywear Stickers

Euro Stickers

Flutter Ponies

Mountain boy ponies

Pretty 'n Pearly SeaPonies

Princess Ponies

Twinkle Eyed Ponies

Play and Care Ponies

Newborn Twin Ponies


German Stickers

France Stickers

Spain Stickers

Italy / No Name stickers

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