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=== Orquidea ===
=== Orquidea (MB and Brekar) ===
[[File:Piggy blossom.JPG|thumb|Piggy Blossom 'Orquidea' Purple body]]
[[File:Piggy blossom.JPG|thumb|Piggy Blossom 'Orquidea' Purple body]]
[[Image:orquidea_pink.jpg|thumb|Piggy Blossom 'Orquidea' Pink body]]
[[Image:orquidea_pink.jpg|thumb|Piggy Blossom 'Orquidea' Pink body]]

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Blossom was one of the original six ponies released in 1983, although her hoof says 1982.

There are 45+ Blossom Variants

English: Blossom
Italian: Lilla
Portguese (Brazil): Florzinha dos Campos
Spanish (Spain): Perla
Spanish (Venezuela): Blossom
Need Photos of
  • Year 3 Applause (embroidered symbol) Blossom
  • South African Blossom


Media Appearances

She was also in the Book The Cross weather Witch, A Shock at The Stable Show

Toy Variants

Common Blossom

Flat Feet Blossom

FF Blossom
FF Blossom's hooves
G1 Blossom's Symbol

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Collectors Pose
  • Body Colour: Lavender
  • Hair Colour: Purple
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Eleven of white flowers


Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story, Year 1

My Little Pony is a pretty pony with long, shiny hair. She likes you to comb her hair so it stays silky and soft. You can braid her tail and tie it in a ribbon too!

UK Backcard Story

Blossom keeps busy digging in her beautiful garden - as well as chasing Cotton Candy out of it! The ponies say that all the colours of the rainbow are reflected in her lovely flowers.

Concave Feet Blossom

CF Blossom

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Collectors Pose
  • Body Colour: Lavender
  • Hair Colour: Purple
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Eleven of white flowers
  • CF Blossom also came with a white orginal comb and a white ribbon.
  • CF Blossom was re-released in year two with a white flower brush, white ribbon, and a puffy sticker.

US Backcard Story, Year 2

Blossom was happily digging in the garden. Many of her favorite plants were in bloom and she was proud of her garden. "Hi, Blossom," said Peachy. "I’ve brought you a present. The noonday sun is terribly bright so I thought you’d like this sun hat.” Blossom was overwhelmed with Peachy's nice gift. She reached down into the garden and brought up a beautiful bouquet of flowers. "Thank you, Peachy,” she said. "I want you to have a present, too."

Mail Order Blossom


Pony Stats

  • Pose: Collectors Pose
  • Body Colour: Lavender
  • Hair Colour: Purple
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Eleven of white flowers

Accessories: MO Blossom also came with a white original comb and a white ribbon.

Backcard Story

US Mail Order insert Story

Blossom waters her beautiful flower garden with dew-drops from the waterfall.

Mail Order Pamphlets

Retro Blossom

G1 Retro Blossom

G1 Blossom was reissued for My Little Pony's 25th Anniversary. She was packaged along with Minty and Snuzzle. She came with a pink ribbon and a white original style comb.

Plush Blossom

Plush Blossom I

Year 3


  • White Flower brush (with hole)

Tag Info

  • Hi' I'll be your very own soft and sweet little pony. I have long silky hair to comb, braid, and tie with ribbon. Take good care of me and I'll be yours forever.

Plush Blossom II

Year 3 Applause (painted symbol)
  • Purple Flower Brush (with hole)

Plush Blossom III

Year 3 Applause (embroidered symbol)

Dolly Mix Blossom

G1 Dolly Mix Blossom

Argentinian Blossom

Argentinian Blossom Variant I

G1 Argentina Blossom 3 Lashes
also 3 lashes Blossom?
  • three lashes to the bottom of her eyes and quite irregular symbols

Argentinian Blossom Variant II

  • with a very "stamped" look to her eyes

Brazilian Blossom

In Brazil she was named "Florzinha dos Campos"

G1 Brazilian Blossom

Colombian Blossom

There are at least 15 variants of Colombia Blossom. All of them have blue eyes. [1]

Columbian Blossom Variant I

blue body and rainbow hair Columbian Blossom
  • blue body with rainbow hair and blue flowers
  • hoof stamped ITALY

Columbian Blossom Variant II

Lavender body with blue hair
  • lavender body with light blue hair and blue flowers

Columbian Blossom Variant III

G1 Blue Body with blue hair
  • blue body with blue hair and blue flowers

Columbian Blossom Variant IV

G1 White body with rainbow hair
  • white body with rainbow hair and orange flowers

Columbian Blossom Variant V

  • purple body with pink hair, pink symbol and blue eyes

Columbian Blossom Variant VI

  • yellow body with white hair and red flowers

Columbian Blossom Variant VII

  • blue body with pink hair and pink flowers, stamped ITALY under one foot

Colombian Blossom Variant IIX

  • cream body with peach hair and peach flowers

Colombian Blossom Variant IX

  • aqua/green body with yellow hair and yellow flowers
  • one hoof marked, PAT PEND (no country)

Colombian Blossom Variant X

Colombian Blossom
  • yellow body with red hair and red flowers

Colombian Blossom Variant XI

Colombian Blossom
  • yellow body with yellow hair, and red flowers

Colombian Blossom Variant XII

  • light blue body, light blue hair, white flowers

French Blossom

G1 French Blossom

Greek Blossom


Greek: Lili

Indian Blossom

  • made by playskool

Italian Blossom

(which variant?)

Italian: Lilla

Italian Blossom Variant I

Italian Blossom
First Edition MIB Italian Blossom
First Edition Italian Blossom's backcard
First Edition Blossom's story

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Collectors Pose
  • Body Colour: Lavender
  • Hair Colour: Purple
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Ten(?) white flowers

Italian Backcard Story

Mio Mini Pony così difficile di carattere... Quando gli porto in esame il mio mazzetto di fiori lui bofonchia, sbuffa, dice MMMMMM invece che grazie, fa un grugnito, un barrito, li annusa e poi... se li mangia in un boccone! Insomma, non mi da molta soddisfazione, mentre io vorrei tanto che mi dicesse: "I tuoi fiori hanno proprio i miei coloi!". Beh, spero proprio che la prossima volta andrà meglio!

LILLA è del segno zodizcale della TARTARUGA

Italian Blossom Variant II

Italian Blossom with airbrushed eyes

Italian Blossom Variant III

G1 Italian Blossom , symbol has 11 flowers, and stamped(?) eyes

Italian Blossom Variant IV

Italian magenta Blossom

Magenta body with dark purple hair. symbol is 11 white flowers.

Italian Blossomscotch Variant V

Italian Butterscotch in Blossom's color

Macau Blossom

Macau Blosscotch
  • aka Blosscotch because her symbol the same as Butterscotch, but her colors are the same as Blossom

Mexican Blossom

Mexican Blossom Variant I

  • FF
  • hooves marked MADE IN MEXICO and LILY LEDA

Mexican Blossom Variant II

  • CF
  • hooves marked MADE IN MEXICO and LILY LEDA

Mexican Blossom Variant III

G1 Mexican Auriken FF Blossom
  • Auriken
  • FF
  • no hoof markings

Mexican Blossom Variant IV

  • Auriken
  • FF
  • no hoof markings
  • pale purple/white hair

Mexican Blossom Variant V


Peruvian Blossom

Peruvian Blossom Variant I

CP Peruvian Blossom

Peruvian Blossom Variant II

Peruvian Blossom
Peruvian Blossom's hooves
  • Firefly Pose with lilac body, yellow hair, blue eyes. Symbol is 7 white blossoms of various sizes.

South African Blossom


Spanish Blossom

The Spanish Blossom had the piggy pose. One is actually called a Blossom in Spanish and is made only by MB. The second Blossom is referred to as Orquidea in Spanish and was made by both MB and Brekar.

Spanish Blossom (MB)

G1 Piggy Pony Blossom
Piggy Blossom symbol variations; the cherry blossom (left) and regular blossom

The Spanish Blossom was made by MB and has pink body and blue hair. There are two types of symbols; the cherry blossom and the regular blossom. This piggy pony is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Perla.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Piggy Pose
  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: Blue
  • Eye Colour: Dark
  • Symbol: Pink flowers

Orquidea (MB and Brekar)

Piggy Blossom 'Orquidea' Purple body
Piggy Blossom 'Orquidea' Pink body
Piggy Blossom 'Orquidea' variant symbol
Orquidea MOC

The Orquidea is a Spanish piggy pony that has a blossom symbol. It was made by both Brekar and MB. There are several versions:

  • purple body and purple hair
  • pink body and purple hair

The Orquidea with the pink body can have either a regular blossom symbol or a symbol with fuller blossoms.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Piggy Pose
  • Body Colour: Purple or Pink
  • Hair Colour: Purple
  • Eye Colour: Dark eye
  • Symbol: White flowers

Venezuelan Blossom

There are currently 7 known variants of her.

Venezuelan Blossom Variant I

Venezuelan Green Blossom
  • Bright green with dark green symbols and pale pink hair

Venezuelan Blossom Variant II

MIB Venezuelan yellow Blossom
Yellow Blossom's backcard

Yellow with blue hair/symbols.

The yellow blossom came with a redish-orange comb and a light yellow ribbon.

Venezuelan Blossom Variant III

Velezuela pink Blossom
eye paint
  • Pink body with lighter pink hair and blue symbols. flat, unmarked hooves.

Venezuelan Blossom Variant VI

  • blue body, white symbols, pink hair

Venezuelan Blossom Variant VII

  • blue body, white symbols, magenta hair

The following Blossom's have no holes where the mane should be, and there is a squeaker in their tail holes. They are believed to be baggy (and/or unfinished) ponies.

Venezuelan Blossom Variant V

Venezuelan Blue Blossom
Blue Blossom's hoof markings
  • Blue with white symbols.
  • The blue blossom's hooves read " '82 hasbro" with all other hooves being blank.
  • likely a baggy pony

Venezuelan Blossom Variant VI

Venezuelan green Blossom
Green Blossom's Hooves. all hooves are blank and flat

Green with golden yellow/orange symbols.

The green blossom has no hoof markings at all, this may also be because she may be unfinished.

  • likely a baggy pony

Venezuelan Blossom Variant VII



See also


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